Love Letter to Pole Vault: Jade Ive

@jadeivepv is a British Pole Vaulter.

During the COVID 19 pandemic athletes had to find creative ways to keep training. For Jade this was a carefully constructed forest pole vault, definitely the coolest set up I have ever seen. Surrounded by tall trees with the light leaking through and recycled London bus tyres and seat cushions for the landing. It was really great to see her do her thing!

“I have truely never experienced a love like it before. Unconditional without limitations. A once in a lifetime feeling.

A sprinkle of faith, and a strong bond of belief, I grab you, you grab me. Together we are one. I lift you and you lift me to heights of happiness that I cannot describe. For a second I let go. I trust you. I believe in us and it’s euphoric and as I start to fall, there you are ready to catch me.

You cannot do enough wrong to make me lose it, or make enough mistakes to push me away. There is nothing like you. My ups and my downs. My reason I try. My purpose.

You fill a space in my heart I never knew existed. Today and always and beyond tomorrow.

I will always Love you.”

 Love Letters to Running

Becky Briggs is a British XC and Road Running athlete. She is the U/20 national record holder over the half marathon.

Inspired by the instagram post that Becky made on Global running day.

“You have broken my heart so many times, and I know, you will do again. But I could not, and would not, ever wish to live without you. For some people you may just be a sport, something to pass the time, to stay active. For others, you are so much more than that. And with every mile, every tear, every bit of pain, I hope that one day, whenever that may be, all this will be worth it.”

Zak is an Irish International 800m runner.

“For me running is a complete sense of freedom. When the body is fit and healthy and working as it should there is nothing I love more than to go for a run.

Sometimes you get that feeling of complete effortlessness and you feel free. Its almost easier to keep running than to stop. When I'm in my flow I feel completely immersed in my own rhythm and I totally forget about everything.

One thing I love to do is run fast and get ready for race day. Keeping fit is one thing but getting your mind and body ready to race is a different level.

The feeling of being able to spike up and give an all out efforts on the track is a feeling like no other. When gliding around the track in an all out effort and your legs filling with lactic. Its then you know the reason behind all your hardwork and sacrifice. The feeling of winning or running a personal best is something that gives a feeling like no other and one you want to feel again and again.”

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